Do you want to build a lucrative career in event management and production? Do you have a creative passion for doing something unique and exploring your talent? Do you want to become a part of a professional, innovative and thriving team? hubplus Events is the right choice. We offer lucrative opportunities to the potential candidates interested in building a thriving and exciting career in event management and production.

Our company culture is based on creativity, integrity, mutual respect, honesty and shared goals. We value and trust our employees and give them an environment where they can flourish their creativity and achieve their professional and personal goals. Our team is our biggest asset and we celebrate our achievements together without losing focus. We always help our employees unlock their hidden potential and achieve a higher fulfillment level.

We remain in search of professional graphic designers, marketing specialists, 3D designers, artists, hand crafts specialists, videographers, photographer, journalists and others related to the field of event management. Contact us to start your journey to a successful career.


Internship Opportunity

Do you want to build a career in event management are and searching for an opportunity to work with a prestigious event management company? You are at the right place. We offer internships for talented individuals who want to pursue their career in professional event management after completing their studies. We provide you with training and skills as well as some fringe benefits. Get in touch with us to explore available internship opportunities!
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