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is organized by the Emirates Medical Association (EMA) for pharmacy students and professionals

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HubPlus Events



Hub Plus Events are the champions in the region organizing and developing successful campaigns & Events on various Health concerns. We provide a major public events organized in collaboration with different organizations and Health Authorities to bring together members of society, organizations, health professionals who are concerned about the health of community.

Throughout the region and across the UAE, PRA Middle East have successfully launched and implemented various initiatives on public awareness on various health causes, physicians’ education and patient advocacy. Likewise, we have lobbied and successfully won government support and patronage to most of our campaign which in turn have created huge interest from the media and the general public.

We know how are health messages best conveyed. We know how people learn and to whom they listen, what motivates the intended audience and what is important to them.
We use interpersonal communication to reinforce messages communicated through mass media, organize a radio campaign, add a person-to-person exchange, create a platform to experience a great deal of difference in how people remember and internalize the messages in the community. We bring in community leaders, healthcare organizations and allow them to engage in conversation with community.