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is organized by the Emirates Medical Association (EMA) for pharmacy students and professionals

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Pharmacy Careers Conference is organized by the Emirates Medical Association (EMA) for pharmacy students and professionals, to provide guidance in their career choices. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn from highly experienced industry experts from different fields, so they can be more aware of the available career paths for pharmacists. The PCC conference will not only broaden their horizon, it will also act as a platform for the delegates to make new connections, speak to experts and get to know their future employers.

The subject of the event is professional development and career guidance for pharmacists. It is organized for pharmacy students to provide guidance and support in their career choices. Attending this conference, will give the students a good idea about their career options. They will get to attend presentations from highly skilled and experienced professionals from different professions within academia, regulatory bodies and the pharmaceutical industry. They will participate in panel discussions and get all their questions answered during Q&A sessions. The goal of the conference is to be highly inspirational and beneficial for pharmacy students and young professionals. The aim is to provide them with more clearance, guidance and knowledge, so that they can make wisely decisions and take strategic steps, in respect to their future job.